To whom it may concern,

After a four-year break, I decided to return to school in pursuit of my master’s degree. Without conducting any research on my professor and classes I signed up for international human resources and applied business research with professor Bassell. Boy must I say I was in for a surprise. This was the best class and professor I’ve taken in my entire life as a student. The classes were different, professor Bassell is very down to earth, he has an extremely good sense of humor. His way of teaching is more personalize; therefore there are more class participation since he will provide examples to things we can relate too in our daily lives. He is very organized, and provides detailed descriptions of the course materials, and might I add he provides snacks in every class.

Professor Bassell is the best coach ever! However as students you are still required to do your part, since the classes consist of weekly assignments, case studies, research questionnaires and difficult exams. Professor Bassell is there for his students 24/7 via email and text messages which is something you don’t see everyday. I remembered specifically my first class with him, I had a question about the course. Within 2 minutes of sending a text, got a response. He has a passion for what he does, the way he takes pride in his lectures and adhering to his students needs is very commendable. I will encourage any student to take his class, one is guaranteed to learn a lot. I love his method of teaching; the classes are fun and very interesting. I wish I can take all my classes with professor Bassell, and I do believe other professors can learn a thing or two from his style and method of teaching. He is the best professor EVERRRRR!!!!!!